Freelance Producer Henry Richardson offers full-service video production; serving national and international brands, production companies and agencies with stand out client service and stress-free handling of projects.  

Extensive production expertise across a range of budgets, clients and complexity from concept development, through to filming and post-production, crafting content that informs, persuades and ultimately motivates an audience to action.  Through supporting and enabling creativity and innovation, Henry helps clients to integrate engaging cinematographic techniques with exceptional storytelling for screens of all sizes: TV commercials, online, animation and everything in between.

Tapping into a network of world class selection of writers, directors, production support and cinematographers who are experts in making the impossible possible – regardless of scale, platform, genre or budget. Vast resources create the ability to assemble the right talent, crew, locations and all logistics involved, achieving the client’s vision while going beyond what is expected.

Value, trust, collaboration and creativity are the touchstones of every production, big or small.